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Who Needs Carpenter’s Insurance?

What comes as a surprise to many workers and contractors is that they need carpenter’s insurance even when they aren’t carpenters! The state requirements for what insurance is required to legally work vary from state to state, but there are many professions that would benefit from carpenter’s insurance.

Whether it’s for the automobile used in their contracting jobs, there are a lot of people that are protected because of carpenter’s insurance. There are many different kinds of woodworkers, those who specialize in different carpentry skills that produce products for customers. Some work residentially and others commercially, but they all need this sort of insurance.

What Sort of Worker Needs Carpenter’s Insurance?


The framer is the contractor who is responsible for putting up the frame of a house or building. It is one of the first jobs to occur on a construction site after the slab has been poured and the plumbing has been installed. Framers are constantly working with wood to perform their job.


A handyman is famous for being able to do just about anything. They can fix a drain or repair a light, but they also do a lot of woodworking in people’s homes. They may repair a wood deck or another wooden structure. They are an example of a contractor who needs carpenter’s insurance.

Cabinetmakers and Installers

One of the contractors who works in carpentry the most is a cabinetmaker. Most of their time is spent measuring and cutting wood as they assemble cabinets for someone’s home. Whether someone makes cabinets or installs them, each of these workers is another example of someone who could use carpenter’s insurance.

Renovators and Remodelers

Renovators and remodelers often work in someone’s home as they are still living in it. It’s extremely popular these days to do a home makeover, thanks to a couple of popular TV shows. These contractors do an extraordinary amount of woodworking as well, and as such they also need carpenter’s insurance.

Any contractor who works with wood is going to need carpenter’s insurance. It protects them from being sued over property damage, injuries, or other problems that result from their products when they are finished. If a woodworker wants to stay in business, they are going to need quality carpenter’s insurance!

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