Transportation and Your Trucking Insurance

://Transportation and Your Trucking Insurance

Commercial vehicles, products and employees are constantly on the move. In fact, motor vehicles transport goods and people more than 2.9 billion miles on the road, each year.1 Whether you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler/distributor delivering products via your own fleet of commercial vehicles, an over-the-road trucker carrying cargo across the country for others, or a limousine service delivering your passengers to their destination, you need an insurer whose deep transportation expertise can keep you on the road.

For those who are hauling cargo, Travelers also offers one of the largest and most comprehensive cargo theft investigative units in the industry. The Travelers Special Investigations Group (SIG) investigates cargo theft and guides customers through the process of adopting procedures to harden operations against risk and criminal activity. Since 2009, SIG has recovered more than $37 million in stolen items.

From vehicles to cargo, see how Baldwin Insurance Services can help you find the right transportation coverage.

Inland Marine – Transportation, Cargo and Logistics

Property transported by truck, rail, or in storage during or at the completion of transit is generally insured on an inland marine policy. Travelers Inland Marine provides protection for motor carriers, logistics/broker companies, freight forwards and warehouseman who are responsible for goods from the point of departure until they reach their final destination.

Commercial Transportation

Manufacturers and wholesalers/distributors are the most common commercial businesses that transport goods using their own fleets. Whether your fleet includes trucks, vans or cars, Travelers provides solutions that help keep fleets protected throughout their journey.

Truck Owner/Operator, Small Fleets and Larger Fleets

Whether protecting big rigs hauling cargo across the country or a limousine carrying a couple celebrating their anniversary to a fine restaurant, Northland has provided industry-leading products and services at affordable prices since 1948.

Commercial Truck & Auto Insurance

Most businesses rely on some form of transportation, whether it’s a long haul across the country, a group of emergency vehicles or transportation to and from the job site. The bottom line is no matter what business you’re in, you need coverage to help protect against the risks both your employees and vehicles face on the road.

Because protecting your business vehicles isn’t the same as your personal auto, Travelers offers a number of solutions to help you stay covered.

Our Auto Insurance Coverages Include:

Liability Coverage
Provides protection against liability for bodily injury and property damage to others caused by the maintenance or use, including loading and unloading, of your company-owned autos.

Uninsured Motorists Coverage
Provides protection, as required by applicable state law, to the insured for damages sustained by the insured that result from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist.

Underinsured Motorists Coverage
Provides protection, as required by applicable state law, to the insured for damages sustained by the insured that result from an accident caused by a driver whose automobile liability insurance limits are inadequate.

Physical Damage Coverage
Protects your owned autos against accidental loss or damage, including:

Collision Coverage / Comprehensive Coverage
Specified causes of loss coverage – for example, theft, vandalism, hail, windstorm, flood, fire, explosion

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